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T.M. Power Drug Store, Built 1897 - Barrington & North St. Halifax, NS, Survivor of the 1917 Halifax Explosion

An announcement for the opening of the T. M. Power Drug Store appeared in the Halifax Evening Mail on December 1, 1897. Located at what is now the corner of North Street and Barrington Street, the store was located across from the Intercolonial Railway Line terminal and was adjacent to the naval dockyard. After surviving the Halifax Explosion of December 1917, the store became a major support for survivors and workers, as lists and information were posted on the building's exterior. An illustration by L. B. Jensen appears in Vanishing Halifax.

• Fitted wooden interior consisting of 2 stained glass windows and pressed tin ceiling and walls (the beautiful stained glass in the ceiling is contemporary), pharmaceutical storage drawers, shelving units and counter. This interior is an excellent surviving example of interior drug store architecture and décor of the late 19th century in Canada.

• Showglobes, apothecary jars, mortar and pestle, and other antique pharmaceutical-related items.

Blue Showglobe
Red Showglobe
26 Jar
Green Showglobe
Various Jars



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