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Hunting Museum

Trapper's Cabin

Trapper's Cabin

Crooked Knives

Wilderness enthusiasts will love our Museums of Hunting, Fishing, Guidesports & Mi’kmaq History as well as our historically
recreated Trapper’s Cabin.

  • Share the traditional sporting activities of Queens Co., Nova Scotia and North America.
  • Meet our famous wilderness guides, see their collections, paddles, gear, trophies and a photography collection of the past 100 years of hunting and fishing.
  • Crooked knives made by the Mi’kmaq and contemporary designs by modern knife makers.
  • Visit the trapper’s log cabin from the 30’s.
  • A trap collection from around the world – bird traps to bear traps, from mouse traps to human traps.
  • Nova Scotia is famous for log rollers, many times world champion Phil Scott, women’s world champion Elizabeth Wamboldt, see the honor roll call of the old timers.
  • Duck decoys, artifacts, baskets, snowshoes, and much more.
Creighton Balcolm Collection
Mi'kmaq Arrowheads
Mi'kmaq Arrowheads
Mi'kmaq Arrowheads
Mi'kmaq Art
Mi'kmaq Snowshoes
Log Roll Call
Mi'kmaq Craft
Mi'kmaq Craft
Mi'kmaq Baskets
Inuit Exhibit
Clarence Oickle Exhibit


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