What Percentage of Chinese Speak English?

Current English Competency in China

A vital criterion for China in this stage, when it is consistently gaining its new post as a great power, is also the world language of governance: English. This realization prompted produce wide spread English education moved to both urban and rural areas, it not only promotes a English learning wave in Chinese society.

Statistical Overview

About 10–15% of the Chinese population is conversant in English. This figure corresponds to some 140 million to 210 million people out of the country s roughly 1.4 billion. This suggests large numbers of people have had some contact with English through some medium.

Drivers of English Education

Starting from the third grade, all Chinese schools have to teach English as a compulsory course. This policy therefore provides a common minimum of instruction in English by which all students throughout the country are assured of some familiarity with the language.

Breakdown of English Proficiency Scores by Region

There is an enormous spread in English language competency across China People in metropolitan areas such as Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou will have higher English proficiency levels thanks to better educational resources, increased exposure to international business activities and more frequent cross-cultural exchange, etc. On the other hand, rural areas may experience lower levels of proficiency because of limited educational resources and less exposure to English outside the classroom.

Crash Course for Business and Tech sectors English

The business world also appreciates English, with a lot of Chinese businesses hiring English-talking workers for business exchanges around the globe. Also, the tech industry in China has English as the de facto language for coding and technical documentation — professional standards that already require the English language of professionals.

How you're influenced by the media and culture

In addition, English is widespread in Chinese society and culture through popular culture (movies, songs, the Internet). And, for the most part, young people are mastering the language to varying degrees of fluency, as they consume more and more English-language media.


Kasulis does point out that his statistic may not address a changing demographic within China, as younger Chinese are most likely learning English. Meanwhile, English language literature increasingly supported by the core competency requirements of the international common language, English, global communication, international business, business, science and technology will continue to be perceived. With increasing Chinese engagement with the world generally, the rise of English as a meaningful community on the ground in China will likely increase in multiples by this point infringing on daily living as well, at work in all areas of life. what percentage of chinese speak english

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