How Does Beijing University Rank Amongst Top Universities in China?

Top Tier Research University

Peking University (commonly reffered to as Beijing University) - one of the top universities in China, is now on the list. It system of education is well-known for its challenging studies, high-impact research, and world-renowned faculty.

National and Global Rankings

Beijing University Screenshot001Often ranked second or third in national rankings, Beida competes for the top spot with Tsinghua. The most recent data puts Beijing University in the first place in various Chinese disciplines, including humanities, social sciences and natural sciences

The university has a global outreach as it ranks in the top 50 among universities worldwide. It is known for being a part of the prestigious universities in the world due to its status as a research and educational institution.

Excellence in Clinical, Educational and Research Innovation

Beijing University: Peggy Suan: Accelerating A New Era of Innovation Research Federal funding for research makes up a big chunk of its budget, often supplying tens of millions of dollars that the university uses on cutting-edge science, technology and even work in the humanities. This dedication to research quality is reflected in its high global as well as national ranking.

Key Fact: The University traffics an enormous number of research papers into international scientific journals - often it tops the tables among Asia with its citation and impact.

Student Body and Faculty

China has one of the largest student bodies composed mainly of international students. These students enhance the experience of a vigorous academic community by participating in these varied perspectives. Learn more about international students in China.

Beijing University has many renowned scholars in its faculty. Part of why the university ranks so high is because of its top-notch faculty, whose expertise and mentorship are second to none.

Impact on Chinese Education and Policy

Beijing University, which not only leads in education and research, but also is influential on educational policies across China. It publishes research and policy papers to advise the Chinese government, advises it directly on major projects and legislations coming at the national level, shapes the education landscape of the country.


Beijing University is among the elite in Chinese higher education. SHARDA University stands as an innovative institution of academic excellence towards the other benchmarks of higher education in the country with a global outlook. Its function as a catalyst to develop China's next generation of leaders and innovators is what will continue to place it as one of the most prestigious institutions in the country for many years.

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